Top 7 Reasons to Buy SplineTech JavaScript Debugger Today



1. Make your development life easier today. Even though it's primarily for IE, but that never was an issue for me, I would debug my JS on IE and then fine tune it for each browser separately. Usually I didn't need to do any modifications to make my code work for other browsers because all the "jquery" libraries are cross browsers anyway, so nowadays it's not as important to support all of them as it used to be.

2. It's very simple to use - type the URL and press Run. That's it. It attaches to IE automatically and you can step through with such a blazing speed, that you will never look back at other debuggers

3. Debug even without knowing where to set a breakpoint! Very advanced and unique features I implemented:
Pause the debugging not immediately but in 5-10 seconds and that lets you move your mouse over the button you want to click skipping all mouseover events! This is such a big help sometimes, it's unbelievable

4. Skip boring pieces of code! I implemented a feature I use a lot called Step Through. A lot of code is just a preparation to call some function that actually does the job, right? So I figured I don't want to step that code line by line, I want the debugger to step it automatically and stop when it stepped into that function! If you debug a big code that's not yours, skipping chunks of code like that gives you a very good idea how the code is generally structured. Nobody has this feature on the planet. That's why I say that my debugger is the most advanced one.

5. Every step is logged! I can revisit it back and forth.

6. Many more features


Malcolm Here - That Code is now completely clean - record time to find 12+ Coding errors. TX V-Much for both your help and you demonstrations. Steping through code & into functions etc is great. After a day or two, it'll be the turn of the ASP debugger, and the the VBScript debugger. TX again MG

Malcolm Gomersall, South Africa's largest portal —


I've had a day or two now to play around with the SplineTech JavaScript Debugger and I'm impressed with it. Just enter a URL and it will open the file (and included JavaScript files as you step into them) in the debugger and load it into IE. You can step thru the code, set breakpoints and watchpoints, and hover over a variable name to see its value. It's the best thing I've found. The price is very reasonable too...

Tracy Dryden, Independent IT Consultant (USA)



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