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Updated July 08, 2013


Live chat transcript:

- Malcolm From Cape Town here - is Daniel there

- Yes, hi Malcolm, what's up?

- Nothing - except to thank you properly for the software.
I don't know how I lived without it. Been using it most of the day today, there's just no other way for things to be.

Malcolm Gomersall | South Africa's largest portal | iafrica.com

Hi Daniel,

I want to compliment you on your debugger, it helped me tremendously to solve a tricky bug in one of our legacy websites.

It saved me a lot of time, blood and tears, thank you!

Best regards,

Steven de Vries | Specialist IT | arcadis.nl (Netherlands)

Thanks for a great tool! Totally saved my bacon earlier today and will ensure our game runs on IE7 :)

This is the best tool I've found and totally worth the money.

Richard Davey | PhotonStorm.com (USA)

Malcolm Here - That Code is now completely clean - record time to find 12+ Coding errors. TX V-Much for both your help and you demonstrations. Steping through code & into functions etc is great. After a day or two, it'll be the turn of the ASP debugger, and the the VBScript debugger. TX again MG

Malcolm Gomersall, South Africa's largest portal — iafrica.com.


I've had a day or two now to play around with the SplineTech JavaScript Debugger and I'm impressed with it. Just enter a URL and it will open the file (and included JavaScript files as you step into them) in the debugger and load it into IE. You can step thru the code, set breakpoints and watchpoints, and hover over a variable name to see its value. Not exactly an IDE, but the best thing I've found. The price is very reasonable too. E-mail support is excellent...

Tracy Dryden, Independent IT Consultant (USA)


I am actually very happy with the program as it is now - as long as it works so well as it wworks now. And indeed the facility to go through the previous steps of code lines and move to the current execution line is already very useful improvement which has helped a lot my debugging when there has been a lot of code with many opened files. So, I do not want to be all the time expressing expectations for new things in the program because it is already quite a unique and invaluable thing....

Matti Ylen, tmispiritus.com (Finland)



YES!  Thanks so much for adding the stack feature.  I just need a way to trigger the debugger when there is an error in IE, so I can debug the issue using the cool stack. 

Claire Martinez, Web Developer (USA)



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